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Kevin Thiels is now a partner at Aperta

I met Kevin at the end of 2015, during a DrupalCamp. We started chatting at the end of the day over a closing drink. He was working as a Drupal team lead at Colruyt Group Services at the time. Colruyt, through its subsidiary Dolmen Computer Applications, was once my employer. Colruyt has always been a remarkable work environment: efficient, focused on results, with a flat organization. I learned a lot there, and I thought that Kevin, as a Drupal developer, would fit well in our team.

It took six months to convince Kevin. It was a very challenging process. But since the day he started with us (early June 2016, now 8 years ago), I haven’t regretted it for a moment.
He has evolved from a Drupal backend developer to an Agile coach, and now to our Solutions Architect. He is excellent in his field. But what I appreciate most about him is his dedication, honesty, and collegiality. He is always ready to help, always attentive. You can always count on him, both in terms of content and approach.

Kevin is the same age as my daughters. It may sound a bit sentimental, but he could be my son. He was always very close to me, and that’s why it made sense that, as I am slowly thinking about winding down, I would leave the business to him. Hence, he has now become a minority shareholder (30%), for a symbolic amount. The intention is for his participation to grow. Additionally, other team members will also have the opportunity to acquire shares.

My retirement is approaching. I would say: finally. My work was more of a hobby than an obligation, but over the years, you do get a bit burnt out. I used to enjoy client relationships more, but now everyone is extremely demanding, and things move incredibly fast. It’s pure business now; the fun has somewhat faded. But Kevin is young, intelligent, and knows our business. So I have every confidence that it can only get better. And if there’s anything, Kevin, you can always call me.

by Luc Claeys

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