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Meet Our New Team Members

We’re excited to welcome Mina Panagiotoy, our new Digital Marketer, who brings innovative marketing insights to the team. Joining her is Thalia Symeonidou, our new Business Development Manager, ready to forge valuable partnerships and drive growth.
Together, they are set to take Aperta to the next level!

About Mina Panagiotoy

Mina Panagiotoy joins us with a vast experience in digital marketing, bringing a wealth of innovative strategies and a fresh perspective that aligns seamlessly with our commitment to delivering world-class digital solutions. Despite holding a Bachelor’s degree with Honors in Biomedical Sciences, Mina chose to pursue her passion for digital marketing. She has successfully led numerous digital campaigns, blending creativity with analytical prowess to drive significant results, including increased online engagement and enhanced brand presence. Her enthusiasm and dedication to excellence are exactly what we need to continue providing unmatched services to our clients worldwide. Committed to continuous learning, Mina stays abreast of the newest trends and technologies in the digital landscape, ensuring that Aperta remains at the cutting edge of the industry.

About Thalia Symeonidou

Thalia Symeonidou joins our team as our Business Development Manager, who brings a wealth of expertise in business strategy, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Her dynamic approach to business development is complemented by a solid background in strategy consultancy, where she focused on integrating advanced technologies into business solutions. Her professional journey also includes significant experience as a Marketing Strategy Consultant and managing sales for key European markets. Fluent in five languages and holding a Master’s degree in Marketing Management, her diverse skills and global perspective are instrumental in driving Aperta’s commitment to innovation and deepening client relationships.

Welcome, Mina and Thalia!

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