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Why Aperta Chooses Collaboration with International Partners?

Recruiting Personnel in Belgium

There is a shortage of ICT professionals in Belgium, which, along with the imbalanced gross/net salary ratio, leads to high wage costs. Training personnel is costly, with the risk of them leaving for better conditions at larger companies or opting to work as freelancers.

Partnerships with Belgian Companies

Many Belgian enterprises are not open to collaboration. Large companies see little value in a smaller partner like Aperta, while smaller companies, often led by ambitious young professionals, believe they can achieve success independently.

Hiring Foreign Staff

This presents challenges such as unfamiliarity with the market and culture. Additionally, developers hesitate to engage with a small foreign company.

International Partnerships: our choice

Another, more feasible option is to engage in partnerships with international partners. After experiences in Spain, Ukraine, and Romania, Aperta has chosen Greece for several reasons:

  • An abundance of highly educated professionals, with 44% of 25-34 year olds having completed higher education. Limited job opportunities outside of tourism result in attractive salaries.
  • Fluent English proficiency among young people.
  • An emerging ICT market in Greece, with room for growth and professionalization.
  • Lower salaries due to the 2008 financial crisis, resulting in strong motivation and loyalty among employees, as well as a solid work ethic.
  • Strong family ties that influence company cultures, resulting in low employee turnover.
  • The pleasant Mediterranean culture fosters enjoyable and efficient collaboration.

These factors make Greece an excellent partner for Aperta, where collaboration is not only economically beneficial but also leads to a stable and dedicated team. Aperta’s approach also involves nurturing long-term relationships rather than transactional interactions. This involves regular communication, joint planning sessions, and shared goals to ensure that both parties are aligned and moving forward together. Such collaborations lead to a greater sense of ownership and commitment from both sides, ultimately benefiting the clients through innovative solutions and dedicated service.

Our partnership with Greek companies is a cornerstone of Aperta’s international strategy. It’s not just a business decision but a commitment to building a collaborative ecosystem that respects cultural values, fosters professional growth, and delivers exceptional service to our clients.

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