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ATS Groep

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ATS Groep
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“ATS Groep is a multidisciplinary technology group consisting of different companies, each with their own technical expertise. This ensures that we are a single point of contact for our customers. Our focus is on electrical engineering, mechatronics, HVAC and energy solutions. We also have a branch that functions as a wholesaler in electrical equipment.

Originally, we focused only on the industrial sector, but the company’s enormous progress has expanded our target audience to include tertiary and public sectors. It is important to recognise the specific needs and requirements of each target group. Thanks to the multidisciplinary structure of ATS Groep, we can adequately meet those.”

Our mission

“ATS Groep has experienced significant growth in recent years. However, the website no longer reflected the new character of the company: its content, structure and style were outdated. A new website was therefore urgently needed. On the one hand to update our online business card and on the other hand to sufficiently highlight each pillar. It was essential that the website would be a multisite platform. This makes it easy to make adjustments on the mother site and to efficiently carry these through to daughter sites.

Another aspect we took into account during the renovation was the future of ATS Groep. We are known within the technical world, but we also want to build an image outside of it, and to do so we focus on the younger generations. An important part of this is an attractive website to expand our online presence and thus attract young, enthusiastic people for internships and jobs.”

Our Solutions

“With their expertise, Aperta convinced us to switch from Drupal to WordPress because it is much more flexible and financially attractive . In addition, WordPress is very easy to use due to its low learning curve.

Aperta built a WordPress multisite. That means we have one WordPress installation that supports a dozen websites (including ATS Groep, Smart Building Solutions and Logitrans). Each website has its own URL and graphic design, but it is definitely one installation. This also means that shared functionalities only need to be developed once. So starting up new daughter sites is lightning fast. In addition, content is very user-friendly. Aperta has delivered what it promised.

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