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The CAB (Vlaams Communicatie Assistentie Bureau voor de Doven vzw) was set up to coordinate the interpreting service for the deaf and hard of hearing and to deal with the shortage of interpreters. Anyone can request an interpreter from the CAB and the service tries to send out an interpreter for every assignment.

On the CAB website, you will find a lot of administrative, legal and practical information under the appropriate headings.

Our mission

The old application for managing interpreting hours and requests had grown organically over the last 8 years. During that period, regulations changed and new functionalities were added to the application. Hence the need to revise the application.

The following points were important here:

  1. Simplifying the entry of recurrent applications (for schools) and making exceptions and cancellations easier to manage.
  2. Optimising the interface for interpreters so they can easily find requests at times and places convenient to them.
  3. Optimising the request flow so that interpreters can be assigned to a request faster.

Our Solutions

A new web application was built to manage the orders for interpreting support for the hearing impaired, budget management and reporting. The complex information architecture was realised in Drupal 8:

  1. Contacts are the deaf and hard of hearing who apply for interpreting assistance. The contacts may be assisted by a parent/teacher/…
  2. Each contact is entitled to several wallets. Each wallet is a budget of interpreting hours related to a particular need: work, school, social, etc.
  3. A contact can make a request for an interpreter. A request is typified by location, type of interpreting, required level, date, context, …
  4. Requests are referred to interpreters based on their available calendar and skills. The interpreter can accept or refuse the request. After acceptance, an order is automatically created to follow the time registration. This is used for billing purposes. The management of payments to interpreters is also included in the application.

In the meantime, the application has been upgraded to Drupal10



This project was realised in +/- 500 man-days in an Agile project methodology. All parties (deaf and hard of hearing, parents, school, interpreters, counsellors, …) were involved in the testing process and received a final training. 

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