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FerroBellissimo, a Belgian hallmark of craftsmanship, specializes in creating handmade iron beds, showcasing exclusive Italian designs. Their product range includes iron beds, four-poster beds, designer beds, mattresses, slatted frames, and matching furniture. With a commitment to environmentally friendly and sustainable options, FerroBellissimo operates both a webshop droombedden.com and a showroom, offering customers a tangible experience of their exquisite products.

Our mission

FerroBellissimo’s diverse and extensive product range required a sophisticated e-commerce platform to cater to their international clientele. The primary challenge was developing a website that allowed seamless consultation and purchase of their products (complex product structures with features and options) with a particular focus on user-friendly functionalities such as price adjustments and easy backend management.

Our Solutions

Aperta’s journey with FerroBellissimo began in 2007 with a Drupal website. Recognizing the need for an upgrade, in 2022, Aperta shifted gears to WordPress, selected for its user-friendly interface and flexibility. The new website was not just an upgrade in technology but a complete digital transformation, focusing on:

  1. Unified Web Platform: Migrating to WordPress, Aperta consolidated FerroBellissimo’s online presence into a single, cohesive platform. Initially set up as four websites, each with its domain and language, they were now housed under one umbrella site for streamlined management.
  2. Intuitive Backend System: The new website provided an intuitive, easy-to-use backend, empowering FerroBellissimo to autonomously manage their product listings and pricing.
  3. Enhanced Online Marketing: Aperta’s online marketing strategy, including the implementation of Google Ads, played a pivotal role in boosting FerroBellissimo’s sales. The targeted advertising approach contributed to approximately 50% of their online sales, a testament to the efficacy of the campaign.

The impact

The partnership between FerroBellissimo and Aperta revolutionized FerroBellissimo’s online presence. The transition to a WordPress-based platform resulted in a more manageable, efficient, and user-friendly website, aligning with the company’s ethos of quality and elegance. The online marketing initiatives further propelled FerroBellissimo into a new era of digital success, significantly enhancing their sales and online visibility.

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